Thursday, 20 December 2012

Linkedin, generating qualified traffic to your site!

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the social network LinkedIn is positioned differently from its competitors. The major distinction lies in the user population oriented "business". The leader of LinkedIn illustrates quite well this image with a metaphor: "Twitter is the bar, Facebook is the barbecue in the garden and LinkedIn is the office." Professional social network par excellence, this American company founded in 2003 has over the years established itself as the reference in the field. Having virtually no competition at this level, except in France, Video, LinkedIn allows you to go directly to an audience of entrepreneurs or managers of a multitude of different sectors.

To get exposure and gain exposure to a highly qualified public, we will give you three tips to redirect the target on your own website!

Maximise links to your profile!

When a user visits your community LinkedIn profile, you can insert links to your website that you want to highlight (home page, products / services, etc ...). It is strategic to place links on your profile optimized in a first time to show your tastes and trends for a domain, then a second one obviously generate these visits.

It is therefore a kind of card, inserting your links to your website which represents the company. Being one of the most visited sections by users, this page is certainly not to be neglected and a source of qualified traffic to your links / blog. Along with a possibility of sharing thereon. (Prefer a catchy title than a name url)

This new door, what your LinkedIn profile, you can using Google Web-master Tools, for example, to quantify the number of visits that the platform has brought you.

Increase the number of contacts!

Do not leave the misconception not add / accept people you know personally. As this will severely limit the chances of creating new connections with others in the industry. Go rather to the principle that the simple act of sharing one or more interests in common is a legitimate reason for an invitation or receive. This will directly increase your visibility: make enter your network anyone has TWO good reasons to join!

In this way, the more you add / accept people, the higher your visibility will be enhanced. For each publication or update your profile, it will appear on the wall of your contacts. What effectively boost your presence.

Through a relevant and interesting content, you will bring to your LinkedIn community more reasons to visit your profile to instinctively know more about you. And indirectly, fall on your list of links that redirect the visitor to your website and blog. You have everything to gain.

Be active on LinkedIn!

Your commitment to this platform will be key to your success. Your proactive attitude will be rewarded with an increase in the number of visitors to your profile and on your site (blog). For this there are a number of relevant actions to achieve: - Create a LinkedIn account for your company (if it is not already) -Regularly update the descriptions of your products / services - Post a minimum of three articles per day - Participate meaningfully in discussions specialized - Responding to a question or two of online - Share and comment on posts of users. All these actions will be sources of traffic to your profile and your site (blog). An interesting elements LinkedIn is the provision of its own statistics to analyze the results of your actions.

So in conclusion, your presence on the social network LinkedIn is an excellent springboard for professional redirect on your website. Through your profile, descriptions of your products and publications, you will greatly increase your presence and reputation among professionals concerned. In addition, this tool allows you to create real connections with your existing clients. Indeed, thanks to the power of your actions and your "visit card" LinkedIn may bring you much more than visits to your site ... as future customers, for example! Please Do not forget to offer a widget LinkedIn share on your blog!

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