Monday, 5 November 2012

10 Tips on SEO helps to improve your website ranking

SEO Tip # 1: Find the Best Keywords

It would be a waste of your time to optimize your site for keywords that are not even sought.
Even if you get a first position for a keyword that is not wide that most users are looking for, Google will calculate the number of times users do not have to select your ad and how many times they returned to the search results select a different site. Trying to beat this calculation is futile and more often than not just a huge waste of time and energy.

Therefore, you should invest resources to find the best keywords, those that transform research into purchases or leads.  Sponsored Ads Buy and pay for high-end design and usability is the best place to start.  However, there are several tools and SEO software on internet to help you find the best keywords, most of which are offered by the search engines themselves and are completely free.

Here is a basic principle of SEO Technical: When using SEO tool to research keywords, start by keeping your searches ambiguous, creating categories, and drilling down to create clusters of small (or silos) of keywords.  Results will always return suggestions and ideas, sometimes surprising that you have not thought of.  Sponsored Ads In these clusters become your ad groups.  Referencing with your they become the directories (taxonomy) of the content you'll want to have on your website.
Behavioural targeting and the use of  long tail keywords  are a great way to get a higher ranking quickly for keywords that generate sales  and have longevity in their search results.  Examples keyword poor would: Kindle, Nike shoes, New York room-mate.  Examples of keywords that are ideal for SEO:

  • New online buy Amazon Kindle
  • Nike Kobe Men's Size 10
  • Find a Roommate in New York
SEO Tip # 2: Find out what your competitors are doing

It is a fact and one of my best tips SEO Technical is  that search engines analyse incoming links to your site within their ranking criteria.  Knowing how many incoming links your competitors have will give you an advantage fantastic.  course, you still have to find your competitors before analysis.
Your competitive analysis should include these extremely important linking criteria, such as:

  • Ranking competitors in the search engines
  • Quantity  AND  quality inbound links (priority)
  • What keywords are in the title of the link page?
  • % Of links containing specific keywords in the link text
  • Google Page Rank  ™  or Moz Rank linking pages
  • The popularity of the binding domain and page links (measured by links and references
SEO Tip # 3: Write Linkable & Shareable content very

An article is not a very sexy thing to watch here in the world of on-line marketing today. Contents generic cannot be slapped together and thrown into line with the hope that it will get high rank for the life of this content page.  Consider about the Book of the Long Tail that I link above. Because I'm content was meaningful and useful for me in my career as an expert SEO .  These contents could attributes if it has no hope of winning and maintaining a higher rank in search engine results (many of these came directly from Google):

  • The content is useful
  • The content is original
  • You cannot help but link to it
  • There are facts to support and referrals
  • There are enough details so that nobody can memorize
  • Something fun or interesting is included (such as video)
  • This is not just blah, blah, blah, content
  • There are enough call to action to invoke commitment
  • There are visual examples, graphs and references
  • You had several contributors who all have a link to the content
  • Thank you or a compliment to someone who shares with others
  • You have an offer, discount or promotion included
  • How and tutorials are a great way to get people to link
  • Create controversy
  • Answer questions
  • Conduct research and discuss the results
  • Get involved with social media
  • Create lists (Top 50 Link Building Techniques, etc.)
  • Get a blog, and establish yourself as an authority
  • Perform a service or create a product (ex: Firefox extension)
SEO Tip # 4: Optimize your Title and Meta Tags

HTML titles and meta tags should be different on each page of your site if you wish for most search engines to store and list them in the search results.

Meta "keywords" tag will not be discussed in much detail here, since Google announced that they do not use the keywords meta tag  in their ranking criteria.  because Google has 64 percent market share in the research, which should be enough to convince you not to spend much time on this attribute.
Optimizing your homepage title
There are different theories about how the title of your home page should be long.  Since Google only displays the first 66 characters or so (with spaces), title for something else that the homepage would retain the title under 66 characters and relevant to the content of the page.  However, some (including me) argue that the value of the home page can justify the inclusion of other search terms.  Take a look at Amazon and EBay titles homepage:

  • eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods and more at low prices
  • Online Shopping for electronics, apparel, computers, books, DVDs and more
  • Services Local SEO , Local Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Search, online advertising for local businesses |
  • - Computers, Electronics, Digital Cameras, Books, DVDs, music, games, software, toys, sports
Optimizing your Meta Description homepage

Same best practices apply here.  these terms up Get a description that is not spam my and is a clear indicator of what your site is about.  Following meta descriptions eBay and Amazon.

  • Buy and sell, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, and everything else on eBay, the online marketplace in the world.  Sign up and begin to buy and sell - auction or buy it now - almost anything on
  • Online shopping for the largest selection of the land of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel and accessories, shoes, jewelry, tools and hardware, appliances, furniture, sports, beauty and personal care, broadband and dsl, gourmet food & just about anything else.

The golden rule here is to get your keywords most important in your title and meta description page.

Optimize securities sub-pages and Meta Tags

Let us pause for a moment and discuss Click-Through Rate (CTR) and bounce rate.  When you perform a search in a search engine, what appears in your Web browser is called an impression.  When you make a selection, the selection is called a click.  Google and other search engines record each impression and each click to help them understand what lists are clicked on the most.  They also recording patterns (so stop thinking about getting all your friends to search for and click on your ad).  If the majority of search volume selects normal registration, you will have a higher CTR and higher rank; same goes for ads Sponsored by the way.
That being said, if a healthy percentage of researchers back to Google search results (called Bounce) and select a different list, the value of your CTR will be reduced and eventually, as your ranking.
To get and stay at the top of search results, you must list the most attractive in the search result, and you need to provide content enough to prevent the researcher to leave your site to find a different list.
This trick one SEO can make or break your SEO campaign.  Click-Through Rate (CTR) plays a role in how  relevant  Google thinks your website is.  convincing For users with clear invitation to click actions ( purchase order, download, beat, correct, etc.) and using value propositions (guaranteed, on sale now, etc.) can improve their CTR and search engine ranking.  Oh, do not forget to tighten your keywords in there too.
If you forget this trick SEO, simply perform a Google search for "title tag principles", where you will find your list to invoke these principles.
Here are some example syntax:.

Call for proposals <title> action, Keywords, and value (less than 66 characters) </ title>
<meta name= »description "label to call content= »Differently l'keywords, action, & value proposition (under 160 characters)" />
<meta name= »keywords "content= »one five KEYWORDS separated by commas" />

SEO Tip # 5: Optimize Your Title and subtitle

College and some high school, tests are written using a standard guide created by the Modern Language Association (MLA).  Such guidelines include how to write the cover page, title, paragraphs, how to cite references, etc. On the Web, we follow the W3C guidelines and generally accepted "best practices" for the organization of a web page (page structure).

Sections play an important role in the organization of information, so be sure to include ONLY H1 tag when assembling your page, possibly using one or more sub-heading (H2-H6).  use Style Sheets (CSS), I could make my h1 at the top of this page more attractive.  following piece of code, you can pop into your head:

<style type= »text/css »>  
      h1 font-size: 18px;  
      h2 font-size: 16px;  
      h3 font-size: 14px;  
</ style>

For a full page of headings looks downright ridiculous, my advice would be to SEO to fill the empty space with paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists, images, and other content. Try to get at least 400 words on each page + .

SEO Tip # 6: Use Title and ALT attributes

Using the title attribute is a direct method of telling the search engines and information to the user about where a link will take them if they click through it.  It is also a standard W3C to make your page accessible to those who are visually impaired.  In other words, people who are blind can navigate through your website using a special browser that reads the title and alt attributes.  example syntax would be:

<A href = "" Software title = " SEO to help you higher search engine SEO Ranking "> Software </ a>
The ALT attribute is used for the same reasons as the title attribute, but is specifically to describe an image search engine for the blind and visually impaired.  Here's how you can use the ALT attribute in an image tag:
<Img src = "" alt = "SEO - Search Engine Marketing Tips and Software SEO featured by SEO Expert"> Manveer

SEO Tip # 7: Optimizing File Classifications

Whenever possible, you should save your images, media and web pages with keywords in the file names. example, if your keyword is "golf putters' you want to save the images used on this page golf-putters-01.jpg or golf_putters_01.jpg (i.e. work).  This is not confirmed, but many SEO experienced an improvement in the classification rename images and media.  You can also receive visits Google Images and other media search queries.
Most importantly file name your web page, since many search engines now allow users to search using "inurl:" searches.  For fun, try this query in Google (copy / paste): "eBook site:.Com file type: pdf ".  You will find everything that you can eat eBooks (you're welcome).
File name for your golf putters page could be golf or putters.html golf_putters.html. Whenever there is a possibility to show or present content, do your best to ensure that the content has the keywords in the name (as well as a title or ALT).
You may need to contact your IT department or web master to rewrite  your URL page if your site platform is non-accommodating the nomenclature custom URL.

SEO Tip # 8: Tell search engines What to index

I can take a lot of heat from other SEO there for it, especially because Google and other search engines have helped reduce the amount of duplicate content indexed. However, I do enough search queries that begin by "site:" to know that duplicate content is still a major problem.  Worse, I see a lot of files showing in the index to be hidden from the world (case study: all free PDF files, you probably during download SEO Tip # 7).

Optimize your robots.txt file

By far the easiest top 10 tips SEO you will ever make regarding the search engine optimization is to include a  robots.txt  file in the root of your website.  Open a text editor such as Notepad and type "User-agent: *." Then save the robots.txt file and upload it to your root directory of your domain.  This command does not tell any spider that hits your website to "please n Do not hesitate to crawl every page of my site. "
I hope you have already moved all excessive Java Scripts and CSS in their own folders on your website in order to reduce the file size and loading time of the pages on your website.  If you have, adding a simple "Disallow: / js /" in a file called  robots.txt  tells crawlers not to bother with files in the JS and just focus on your content, as opposed to non-major source of code.  Below is an example of what site robots.txt file:

Duplicate Content Redirection

For consistency, it is best to have one version of each page to get all the inbound links and earn all the points with the search engines.  means that Google and Bing (in their respective Webmaster Tools) to index only the www.-version of your site (or non-www version if you are "one of those types of people").  You can also use your Windows server or a file called. Htaccess file on your Apache server to  permanently redirect one version to another.
Then, add a new tag for each page of your site to prevent other versions of the page to appear in search results.  Just think about all the different ways we view content.  Often there are "Print , "" Flash Version "and pages with comments, notes and comments that add URL pages with channels such as  & rank = 5  ,  = view & print  , etc. To correct this problem, we add a  canonical tag  to each page of the site.  Following syntax:

<link rel="canonical "href="http://seo-technical/seo_tips.htm" />

Finally, you must collect all these areas that you have purchased and make sure they are pointing to your site with a main  301 Redirect permanent  .  created by Bruce Clay effective in what he called a  funnel IP  .  J ' have been the victim of this many times be an expert SEO .  More than once, I found myself scratching my head trying to understand why a website would not Google Page Rank , only to discover later an old domain held by the client was displaying the same content and was one Google gave credit.

SEO Tip # 9: Search Engines RSS static site maps and XML

Optimize your static site map

Page Rank is relative and shared across a website by a single vote system created by Google. I could spend two days trying to explain how Page Rank works, but it is to say have efficient navigation through your site.  This is where a site map  page comes Because each page of the site will be connected to the site map, it allows robots (and users) to quickly and easily find the content.  This trick SEO is one of my favourite top tips SEO 10.
It can take 4 clicks to get to a product page to Creating a site map, users and search engines can now access any page on the site with only two clicks.  The Page Rank of these pages deep rose from 0-2 in about 3 months and the ranking went from almost non-existent in most of the # 1 on-line for nearly 2000 pages on their site.

Feel free to search Google for one of the terms on this page catalog, such as repair Mitsubishi Monitor.  See how powerful static site map can really be.

Use XML site maps

Although you may feel like it is impossible to get listed high in the Google search engine result, believe it or not is not the intention of Google.  they just want to make sure that their viewers get the most relevant results possible.  Indeed, they have even created a program just for web masters to help ensure that your cached pages in their index as quickly as possible.  they call the program Google Sitemaps. In this tool, you will find also a great tool for new links to help find out who is linking to your website.

For Google, these two pieces in the best tips SEO 10 would read the tutorial entitled. How to create a Sitemap file  and create your own. To see the one on this page, website simply right clicking on this  SEO Tips sitemap.xml  file and save it on your desktop. Open the file with a text editor such as Notepad.
Effective 11/06, Google, Yahoo! and Bing will be using a standard for site maps.  Below is an excerpt of the code contained in the standard Optional fields are lastmod, changefreq and priority.

<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> 
<urlset xmlns=""> 
       <loc> http://www.example . com / </ loc>

      <lastmod> 01/01/2005 </ lastmod>         <changefreq> monthly </ changefreq>         <priority> 0.8 </ priority>
     </ url> 
</ urlset>

SEO Tip # 10: Use lists and valuators’

There are several ways to validate the accuracy of the source code of your site.  's four most important, in my opinion, is the validation of your search engine optimization, HTML, CSS, and ensuring that you do not broken links or images.
Start by analysing the broken links.  W3C One of  Top SEO Technical tip  is for you to use their tool to  validate links.  Then revisit the W3C to analyse HTML and CSS.  Here is a link to the W3C  HTML Validation Tool  and their  CSS validation tool . Incredible new tool comes out that is better than some of the oldest, and is the tool Analyser Qualidator site, you can also find listed in our Software page SEO .
The final step in the last of my  SEO-technical tips  is to validate your search engine optimization.  Without having to buy software, the best online tool I know for this SEO checklist, that contains the validation website at SEO, web-level structure optimization and keyword optimization and off-page SEO strategies that you must have in your arsenal. You can also use other tools and on-line  However, they are not as inclusive (yet) as my check-list.

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