Monday, 5 November 2012

Disavow your links: the new Google tool

Today, Google presents its tool to disavow links pointing to your site. Indeed, if you receive an email from Google notifying you that you have links "not very clean" that redirect to your site, this tool can help you solve the problem.
If you have not received this notification in spite of everything keep this tool in a corner of your head.

Focus on the Back links:
Links are one of the most popular uses signals googlebot for ranking in its search results. Examining the links between pages, Google can determine if they have the reputation and the important and therefore likely to be relevant to the user. This is one of the bases of Page Rank  which is one of the 200 signals that Google uses to perform its ranking. Page Rank is so well known that it is also a target for spammers and constantly fights against Google spam with algorithms and making manual checks.

If you have already done or been a victim of spam, you may have received a message on Google Web master Tools called "links against nature" pointing to your site. Google sends this message when it sees evidence of paid links, link exchanges or other reference systems that do not comply with its recommendations. If you receive this message, it is recommended to delete links to spam or bad for your site as soon as possible. By deleting "bad links" directly, you avoid Google (and other search engines) to do later.

If you have done your best to remove the links problematic, and there are still some links that you can not remove, so it's now or never to visit the new page of Google " disavow links " .

How disavow link function

When you arrive, you will first select your site

Step 1 to disavow a link

Then once the site chosen, you will be prompted to download a file containing links that you want to disavow.

Step 2 to disavow a link

The format is simple. All you need is a plain text file (txt) with one URL per line. An excerpt from a valid file might look like the following diagram:

# Contacted the owner 17/09/2012 at 17/10/2012
# Request to remove the link but no response obtained for the domain:
# The owner has removed most of the links but forgot the following

In this example, lines that begin with a pound sign (#) are considered comments and Google ignored. If you specify only the domain name, it indicates that you want to disallow links to all pages on a particular site (in this case, "").

You can also ask to disavow links to specific pages (in this case, three individual pages on

Google currently accepts only one file per site disclaimer. This file is shared between the owners of the site in Google webmaster tool . If you want to update the file, you will need to download the existing file, edit it and download it again. The file size limit is 2 MB

To start searching for links which could penalize you can go to the "Links to your site" in Google Webmaster Tools.

From the home page, select your site, go to traffic> Links to your Site> Who reference as your site through links> and made more, then select the file you want to download. This file lists the pages that link to your site. If you click on "latest download links", you'll be able to see the dates. This can be a great place to start your research.

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