Monday, 5 November 2012


Google art and how to raise the ire of the entire World Wide Web. With its supremacy in the united states but also outside its borders,
it does not stop changing and re-changing algorithms, impacting more and more web sites in the world. Some of these changes are justified and provide a better user experiences. For others, we see the least impact to the user if it is pure and simple disappearance of some sites "useful" its results ...
Lately, Google has launched a new algorithm called Penguin to combat web spam, delete its indexes content low quality (like a confession of failure panda?) and flush manipulators.
Danny made ​​a Sulyvan interview Matt Cutts (head of web spam at Google). They discussed the results of the algorithm Penguin. Matt, as usual, replied that if Google penalizes people is because they have sought and excluded any failure of this new update. From his point of view, the algorithm is successful.
I see four important elements to include:
Victims of penguin? it'll just start from square one!
This must be the most sensational statement of Matt Cutts in this interview:
If you've cleaned and still do not recover, Ultimately, you might need to start all over with a fresh site.
If this is successful, why some sites (obviously spam my) are still positioned?
To this question, Matt replied that nothing and nobody is perfect ... And Google continued to hunt spammers:
No algorithm is perfect. While we'd like to Achieve perfection, our litmus test is, 'Do things get better than before?
This update affects the entire site (like Panda)
Matt Cutts did not answer this question directly. We can assume that the operation is identical to Google Panda thing that would seem logical in view of the nature of both update ...
This means that if you are affected by any of these algorithms (or panda penguin), while the site may suffer, and this even if there are only a handful of pages that are implicated.
Penguin is updated occasionally (not continuous)
Panda as it is launched from time to time to make "clean". We must therefore expect a return of penguin.
Some additional key ideas I took from this interview:
  1. the impact of penguin is weaker than Panda (2011) and Florida (2003)
  2. Penguin is a success according to Google
  3. Google will not return back to this update
  4. If you are penalized, and you can not do the cleaning, then consider creating a new website!
  5. The negative SEO? Matt Cutts, the cases are very rare and dûr to have ...

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